Each show The Chandeliers create an entirely new comedy on the spot as they solve a bizarre murder invented by you: the audience.

Once you've identified the victim, grab your detective hats and prepare to laugh as you meet the suspects and ultimately choose who’s off to the clanger in the dramatic climax of this fully improvised and utterly mirthful murder mystery.

***** "Quick thinking & fast paced. A spectacular must see." - Bunbury Magazine

**** "Doubles as a hysterical murder mystery & a tight witty improv show." - Fringe Biscuit

**** "CSI leave you feeling like you were part of something unique." - Everything Theatre

Edinburgh Fringe Festival SELL OUT show 2016

Brighton Fringe Festival SELL OUT show 2015, 2016, 2017

Leicester Square Theatre SELL OUT show 2015, 2016, 2017

upcoming shows:

July 22 - Guildford Fringe Festival, Guildford

Aug 5-27 -  Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh

Sep 21 - Museum of Comedy, London

Oct 6 - Museum of Comedy, London

Nov 10 - Museum of Comedy, London

Dec 3 - Dickensian Special - Museum of Comedy, London